Japan Medical Laser Laboratory

The goal of the Japan Medical Laser Laboratory (JMLL) is
to develop and spread truly safe and dependable laser
treatment through research and development of new Laser
machinery, and through publications, presentations at meeting
of various national and international laser societies and
through educational seminars and symposiums.



On 13th Dec.2003, The 7th Congress of Japan Laser Sports Medicine & Surgery was held in Juntendo University. Prof.Ohshiro gave a lectured and demonstration on Laser treatment for pain.
The participants understood his treatment deeper by seeing it with their own eyes. In particular, young doctors and students were impressed and clapping.


From November 6th to 8th 2003, there was 18th International Congress Laser Medicine in Florence, Italy. Prof.Ohshiro attended the congress and his paper gLaser Blood Saving Campaign and Worldh was chosen as a Best Paper.
And he was picked up on local newspapers as follow.
eAn authority in Laser Treatment from Tokyo gave a lecture in Florence!f

„„Abstract is seen.

The 15th congress International Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine (ISLSM)